What’s your C.A.L.M?

$21.00 +HST

What’s your C.A.L.M is an exploration of your mind, body, and soul to discover which challenge you can accomplish, learn from, and find the motivation to move forward with a feeling of calmness in your life. The exploration happens using the tools and methodology of Points of You.

Our tribe at Points of You believes that change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a look at things from a new perspective – new points of view. Being aware and fully present is the first step toward bridging our point of view, and in effect – toward personal, professional, and even organizational development.


This unique event experience is designed with love by Heather Di Santo; CEO and Founder of DiSH Events and certified Points of You facilitator.

This event is open to absolutely anyone looking to seek clarity or a new way of looking at something that’s going on in their life.

A portion of your ticket cost ($11) will be donated to Sunnybrook Hospital in support of Alzheimer’s and Dementia research.


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