Points of You Experience – My Story – Tuesday, May 12, 2020

$44.25 +HST

In this workshop you’ll experience the My-Story process with the Punctum cards from Points of You. Reframe an empowering life story with the brilliant photo cards, words, and questions. 

Words used to describe this experience:
– grounding
– liberating
– insightful
– self-love
– exploratory
Financial investment of $50, including tax.
Time investment is invaluable.


At Points of You we believe that everything: people, objects, situations, music, tastes…every little thing in life has countless points of view.  The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of sight.
Get a glimpse of the methodology and tools of Points of You and experience a unique form of communication and dialogue.
We also believe that change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspective, new points of view.  Being aware, and fully present is the first step towards shifting our point of view, and in effect – toward personal, professional and even organizational development.
This experience is open to 12 participants, so grab your spot today!


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