NetWalking with Heather

$13.00 +HST

Designed for anyone looking to connect and enjoy a conversation with someone from the amazing DiSH Events community.
Heather Di Santo, CEO and Founder of DiSH Events welcomes you to NetWalking with Heather. A unique event designed to get you moving, our creative minds buzzing, and facilitate soul connection.


10:30am – Connect with your partner for a virtual walk and talk (you will be matched, in advance of the event, by Heather Di Santo and assistance with facilitating connections).
11:30am – Each set of partners will join on Zoom to connect with the other participants at the event (Zoom link will be provided upon registration with partner details).
The twist! You will introduce your partner on the Zoom call rather than yourself.
Heather Di Santo assures a safe and welcoming environment for all at her events and ask for the same respect from participants. This is not a business only event.
Registrations open until 12pm/NOON on Tuesday, February 23rd so Heather can create the connections.


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