It’s all about LOVE! A Points of You experience – Friday, February 14 2020 9:30am – 2pm


Love YOURSELF and treat YOURSELF for Valentine’s Day!
Come and experience Points of You on Friday, February 14th at DiSH!
This experience is facilitated by Heather Di Santo, owner of DiSH Events and  certified facilitator of this amazing program that will help you level up on your personal and professional development.


At  Points of You we believe that everything: people, objects, situations, music, tastes…every little thing in life has countless points of view.  The real challenge is to look at things from a new viewpoint, one that was previously out of sight.
We believe that change almost always starts when we are open and ready to take a chance and look at things from new perspective, new points of view.  Being aware, and fully present is the first step towards shifting our point of view, and in effect – toward personal, professional and even organizational development.
Curious yet? 
In this workshop you will get a glimpse of the methodology and tools of Points of You and experience a unique form of communication and dialogue. This workshop will have a focus on LOVE!
What do you love?
Who do you love?
Do you want more love in your life?
How can you discover what you really love?
This experience is open to only 12 participants, so grab your spot today!
They day includes water, coffee, snacks and a light lunch.  Please feel free to bring your own food.
    9:30am – Registration and Connection
    10am – 2pm Points of You Workshop starts (please be on time)
Snacks, refreshments, and a light lunch included.  But, please feel free to bring your own food.


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