Find your voice

$350.00 +HST

Do you wish you had more confidence speaking in public?

Do you struggle to think on your feet?

Could your elevator pitch use some zing and more volume?

Join Heather Di Santo and Tracey Evans for this unique opportunity that will leave you shouting from the roof tops and speaking with style and panache!



Love it, hate it, or fear it, the ability to present yourself boldly and professionally is a critical skill for business owners.  In this 2-part event we will take a fun, no stress approach to:
• Building confidence in front of a crowd
• Thinking on your feet
• Telling your compelling story
If the mere thought of this sends waves of terror through your body, it’s just a signal you should be the first to sign up!  There is no room for fear in business and this will open more doors for you as you build your speaking skills and confidence.
Session 1 – Wednesday, April 8th, 2020   9am – 2pm
Experience a unique form of communication and dialogue and add new skills to your professional know how through the magic of Points of You.  Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights.  Experience a fun and easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep.
In the afternoon, get comfortable standing up in front of the crowd through a fun improv exercise that will have everyone smiling!  No pressure, just light fun as we take turns at the front of the room through a guided improv exercise.
Session 2 – Wednesday, April 15, 2020   9am – 2pm
Think on your feet in this session filled with 2-minute topics.  Share some wisdom, make something up, have fun as you pick a topic and take the mic!
Perfect your elevator pitch!  Through a guided template, you’ll build your story and learn to deliver it in an engaging and compelling way.  Whether it’s a 2-minute introduction or 20-minute speech, this formula will have your audience leaning in to learn more!  
Bring it all together and tell your story!  The latter part of the day you will practice your bettered speaking skills as we take turns sharing our stories. 
With a combined 30+ years of experience doing presentations, facilitation, and speaking to an audience, Tracey and Heather have planned a content packed agenda that’s designed to get you excited about telling your story, gain greater confidence in speaking amongst new friends, and have lots of fun and laughs along the way.


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