Collaboration Days at DiSH – Bookkeeping


Are you an entrepreneur?
Do you have work to get done in your business?
Are you lonely working at home?
Answering yes? Collaboration days are designed for you!  Designed around a topic or theme, DiSH Events welcomes a guest expert each time to answer questions and help you make the most out of the time you spend getting work done!


Your taxes are due soon, right?
On April 12th, DiSH Events is grateful to welcome Tania Vernon of H&A Bookkeeping.  Bring your shoe box, computer, and your munchies for the day and come to work on your books at DiSH. Tania will be there to answer questions you may have, offer tips for managing your books effectively, and make your trip to the accountants office more pleasant this year.
Tables and chairs will be set up classroom style.  The environment will be conducive to getting work done, but allow for collaborative moments with open conversation.


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