Are you ready to Improv?

$24.99 +HST

We are so excited to invite you to a FUN afternoon of Improv!
What does that mean?
Join Tammy Hudgin and Heather Di Santo and their dynamic online collaboration which is sure to bring a good time and a safe space to grow together.  Think fun, a ton of laughs, while getting out of your comfort zone and learning how to think and speak on the spot.
Heather Di Santo, CEO and Founder of DiSH Events who’s passion is to  help business owners get out of their comfort zone, build connections, and make sales by facilitating unique events in our communities.
Tammy Hudgin, CEO and Founder of Creating Your Presence who’s mission is to helping you to create a presence on Facebook through training, coaching, business page management and Facebook Ads.


This event is open to anyone, especially if you are in business, and you are looking to make some new connections and practice thinking and speaking on the spot through our unique event opportunity.
It is suggested but not expected that you be prepared to participate at least once during the speaking portion.  We will be here to help you expand out of your comfort zone.  There is nothing to prepare for this event as we will be playing an Improv Game.  Each speaker will have chosen target markets, products, pictures, and your imagination to work with.   This is your time to shine!
We will be offering open networking from 1-1:30 pm, then we will be drawing approximately 10-15 people throughout the event to join us as the speaker,  where you will have about 7-10 mins to play.
Are you ready to Improv?


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